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Akenza AG

Senior Devops Engineer (a)

zürich, switzerland
Full-time 80% - 100%
3 Days Home Office Possible

We work directly on behalf of Akenza AG and do not charge any agency fees.

What this position has to offer:

  • Futuristic IoT Ventures: Dive into the future of IoT market & explore groundbreaking technologies 🚀  
  • Empowering Team Dynamics: Embrace a collaborative & flat-hierarchy environment 🤝
  • Rapid Scale-Up Experience: Thrive in a fast-growing scale-up culture 📈
  • Innovative Product Excellence: Contribute to an exciting product line-up 💡

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Job Summary

Do you have a passion for learning and thrive in the development and operation of data-intensive applications? Are you eager to bring about change in a dynamic environment with rapidly changing priorities? Look no further! 🚀🔧

As a recruiting partner of Akenza AG, we're seeking a Senior DevOps Engineer (a) to join the team in Zürich Oerlikon. In this exciting role, you'll be an integral part of the product development team, responsible for developing, releasing, monitoring, and troubleshooting the large-scale microservice-based IoT platform. Your tasks will include maintaining, monitoring, and fortifying the underlying infrastructure components, building tools for developers to release and monitor applications, and assisting the team in daily operations. 🌐💻

Join the dynamic IoT scale-up, offering you a flat hierarchy, room for personal initiatives, and responsibilities. Enjoy the convenience of a fantastic office in Zürich Oerlikon and flexible remote work options. What's more? Revel in fantastic perks, from fitness and transport discounts to flexible working hours. Akenza AG believes in your potential and offers a thriving platform for your career to soar! 🌟🔝

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What You Will Be Doing

  • Maintain and troubleshoot infrastructure that runs the IoT platform
  • Build and maintain tools that allow to efficiently and dynamically release microservices
  • Implement new infrastructure components, maintain existing code with a focus on scalability, stability and security
  • Help ensure that the IoT platform scales to large amounts of data and runs securely and reliably
  • Work closely with both Engineering Lead and Developers to understand the problems that needs to be solved as well as exploring how to best solve them

What You Bring To The Job

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field
  • Few years of experience in a devops-related field
  • Experience of running workloads on hyper-scaler platforms (Azure, GCP or AWS)
  • Experience with systems for automating deployment (CI/CD)
  • A good understanding of IaC principles (e.g. Terraform)
  • A solid understanding of management of containerized applications and container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes
  • Experience in scripting in one or more programming languages (e.g. Bash, Python or NodeJS)
  • Passionate about implementing software engineering best practices and processes
  • Troubleshooting and creative problem-solving attitude
  • Enjoy daily communication and interaction with customers and colleagues 
  • english: C1 – Advanced


  • Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field
  • A good understanding of microservice patterns
  • Experience with stream processing tools (e.g. with Kafka)
  • Experience building and developing distributed systems and/or experience with computer and data storage technologies
  • Experience with IoT technologies (such as LoRaWAN, Nb-IoT, MQTT, or LWM2M)
  • In-depth knowledge of software development best practices, Agile and DevSecOps
  • german: C1 – Advanced


The team of Akenza AG embodies a flat hierarchy, fostering a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere. Meaning a group of young, dynamic individuals who bring energy and creativity to the table. In this relaxed environment, authenticity is valued, and there's no room for unnecessary bureaucracy or complexity. Together, the team focus on innovative solutions and meaningful collaborations, making work enjoyable and productive. 🌟 

#TeamSpirit #InnovationCulture #CollaborationMatters

  • Reports to: Head of Software
  • Colleagues: 10
  • Team Language: English & German


Work From Home (WFH) possible

ZVV Bonus Pass, SBB GA railcard or half-fare travelcard

70% contribution to private mobile contract (max. CHF 50 per month)

CHF 500 to the purchase of a mobile phone every 3 years


Annual contribution of CHF 300 to fitness or sports subscription

About Akenza AG

Akenza AG is a Swiss IoT software company headquartered in Zurich and consists of a team of almost 30 people.

The company believes that the Internet of Things will improve our lives radically. The goal is to enable system integrators, service providers and enterprises to quickly realize their IoT projects. To develop and deploy IoT applications faster and easier than ever before, akenza AG provides a scalable IoT platform. It reduces time-to-market and enables rapid roll-out of feature-rich applications globally and at large scale. It connects, controls, and manages IoT devices, all in one place. With simple and secure management of smart devices, connectivity, and data, the akenza IoT application enablement platform enables the rapid introduction of innovative, smart solutions.

The platform is adapted to organizations of all sizes, from startup to enterprise, from one device to massive IoT deployments. Thanks to the self-service and low-code functionalities of akenza, you can start creating your IoT case right away, even without coding skills.

  • Industry: Software & Services
  • Founded: 2017
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